Can I return or exchange my order?

Returns and exchanges are not currently accepted due to the personal nature of our items. We value transparency and we encourage you to contact us by email with any questions or concerns regarding your order. Thank you for supporting a small business.

What if my item is damaged or incorrect?

Please contact us by email at info@since92hb.com with your name, order number, and an image of the item you received. We will respond to your email within 2-3 business days to issue a refund if applicable.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

You will receive an order confirmation email shortly after your purchase. Please allow 2-3 business days for order processing. A tracking number will be emailed to you after processing has been completed. Delivery delays should be anticipated during high volume seasons. USA - Delivery can be expected in the United States within 3 business days via USPS Priority Mail after processing. PR - Delivery can be expected in Puerto Rico within 3 business days via USPS Priority Mail after processing. CA - Delivery can be expected in Canada within 6-10 business days via USPS First Class International Mail and 10-28 business days via USPS Priority International Mail after processing.

How can I get free shipping?

We provide complimentary 3-day shipping for domestic orders $60+


What is guilt-free?

Adjective not causing or characterized by feelings of having done something wrong or bad. Personal care items should never arrive with regret. Since '92 Home & Body simplifies your daily routine without compromising efficacy, quality, or cost. It's important to us that the brand captures how true personal care should feel and we believe items that make you feel good, should also have the versatility to be experienced with someone you trust. Thank you for trusting Since '92 Home & Body with your skin and your most intimate moments. We're dedicated to fulfilling our purpose of creating guilt-free luxuries for all.


What kind of ingredients are used?

We thoughtfully select and research ingredients with you in mind. Our personal care items are free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, paraffin, and mineral oil. Most importantly, integrity is always incorporated as the final ingredient in our products.

Are your items vegan?

Yes, we only use 100% clean and vegan ingredients.

Are your items multi-use?

Yes, all of our items can be used to treat multiple concerns or applied using more than one method. You can learn more about our multi-use items by taking a look at the item's description.

What items are best for me?

The OG Body Créme Recommended for eczema, psoriasis, dry, and normal/typical skin types. The ultimate fragrance-free moisturizer for super soft skin. 100% clean and plant-derived, this luxurious blend effortlessly melts into skin and replenishes moisture. The OG Body Créme can be used alone or combined with the Glacier Mint Silk Shot to enhance soothing benefits. Glacier Mint Silk Shot Recommended for dry, normal/typical, and oily skin types. Triple-action botanical ingredients for instant revitalization. The Glacier Mint Silk Shot is a fast-absorbing body oil for cool and moisturized skin. This multi-use oil can be used to moisturize, massage, and soothe. Natural scents of herbal mint and rosemary effortlessly soothe the senses. Nourishing carrier oils are used to dilute the essential oils in our sensitive skin formula. Silk Shots can be used alone or combined with The OG Body Crème to enhance soothing benefits. Rich Dirt Exfoliating Body Masque Recommended for cellulite, stretch marks, dull, textured, and dry skin. Radiant, smooth skin in 10 minutes. The Rich Dirt Exfoliating Body Masque sloughs away dead skin cells with a restorative blend of natural exfoliants and antioxidants. This high-performance masque instantly illuminates, moisturizes, and firms skin. The natural aroma of rich coffee arabica creates an irresistible body care experience. Alpha Water Toner + Setting Mist Recommended for normal/typical to oily skin types. Balances oil production, refines pores, and sets skin with a natural finish. This clean and anti-inflammatory formula provides a natural set for the ingredient-conscious person. Natural notes of clove and lavender calm the senses and skin.


Is this a black-owned business?

Unapologetically and unequivocally, yes! We're so proud to be a small business that is founded, owned, and operated by a black woman.

Are your items only for people who identify as black?

No, our guilt-free luxuries are created for all. However, we are deeply inspired and moved by the beauty of black people. Since '92 is resolute in our commitment to celebrate that beauty in an industry and world where we are often underrepresented. We encourage you to celebrate your beauty with us.

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