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First and foremost, my heart extends to anyone who is simply trying to keep their head above water in the midst of these uncertain tides.  As a black woman, I cannot begin to introduce my creation to the world without acknowledging the world's pain.  That pain is personal to me, I understand it, and I will continue to stand firmly with my community. 

Since '92 Home & Body is a black-woman owned, operated, and funded brand that was built upon the principle of creating opportunities for advancement and I vow to honor that promise as my vision expands.  

Black lives will always matter in this safe space. 



Timeless solutions compounded with the effortless allure of minimalism form an innovative collection derived from plant sources.  Since '92 Home & Body is the personal care brand designed to elevate your daily rituals.  Our botanical formulations contain a versatile roster of clean and vegan ingredients to combat skin ailments and self-love obstructers.  Nature’s best-in-class curated just for you.

The labor of love known as Since '92 was birthed in June 2020 from more than a decade of research and passion for natural remedies.  Driven by the pursuit to conquer my own battle with inflammation, I explored the multifarious brands on the market and constantly found myself returning to plant-derived ingredients for internal and external relief.

In the midst of my journey, I came to the realization that an undeniable void existed within the beauty and skincare industry.  Clean products lacked visual appeal and luxury products lacked attainability, both coexisting within the same universe but never within the same realm.  Since '92 creates personal care products worthy of the luxury distinction without compromise.  Top-shelf formulas that don't require you to read the fine print.  

Personal care is exactly as described - it's personal, intoxicating, and enlightening.  Moments of personal care should have the versatility to be experienced with someone you trust.  Thank you for trusting Since '92 with your skin and your most intimate moments.  

Welcome Home,

Narisse Spicer

Founder of Since '92 Home & Body

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