Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Cat got you numb? Close one eye and just go with us for a second, you're on your fourth Zoom marathon of the day and suddenly it hits you - your vagina fell asleep. We're here to reassure you that occasional numbness is completely normal after sitting for long periods of time. The clitoris alone has over 8,000 nerve endings which means there are more than enough opportunities for pleasure and... discomfort. When nerve endings are compressed, blood flow becomes constricted which can create a numbing sensation. Luckily, it's possible to prevent the reoccurrence of temporary vaginal numbness with a few easy steps.

Big Girl Panties

Literally, put your big girl panties on. Consider breathable undergarments that allow blood to flow without tight, elastic material getting in the way.


Breathe, stretch, shake. Create time during your day to engage in a physical activity that stimulates blood flow. We love a good stretch and a midday massage with The Glacier Mint Silk Shot to stimulate blood flow and moisturize skin.

Switch Positions

Trauma and friction can be the catalyst for vaginal numbness. Take it easy, listen to yourself and what your body needs.


Communicate your concerns to a medical professional, especially if vaginal numbness is reoccurring or lasts for extended periods of time.

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