Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Preparing to spend the holidays alone? Don't trip, chances are that you're not the only lonely one. We live in a new world where pandemics go on for what feels like forever, flight prices continue to surge, and that lovely seasonal depression never misses a beat. Here's how we're being proactive this year and pulling up on the holiday scaries on sight.


Plan A, B, and C might fail us but we're prepared and ready for battle. Commit to plans that you know you'll have a hard time cancelling. There's beauty in accountability and being a reliable person. Pre-purchase a movie ticket, schedule an in-store pickup, or commit to supplying the Friendsgiving with wine (you definitely can't back out of that one). Create a daily schedule for yourself with gentle reminders to wash the dishes or finally address the elephant in the room better known as "the laundry chair".


Engage in healthy activities that have a history of making you feel good. Something as simple as revisiting an ice cream flavor you used to love or watching a movie that's guaranteed to make you burst into laughter.

Virtual Stimulation

Hop on a "quick call" with family and friends if you're not already suffering from Zoom fatigue. Sometimes a little face time with the ones you love most is all you need to recharge.


Center yourself and remain grounded. This too shall pass and although you might feel like you're missing out, at least you get to avoid any awkward introductions and family drama this time around.


Remember to be kind to yourself even if you do absolutely nothing this holiday season. The fact that you considered being proactive is good enough. YOU ARE STILL WORTHY.

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